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NY / 17 /
はじめまして~! 韓国に住んでいる 高校1年生です 日本の文化や料理, マンガに興味があります 好きな歌手と俳優さんいあます 日本語は勉強中なので話すのは苦手ですが もしよかったら仲良くしてください 色んな話をしたいです 趣味は音楽を聴くことです よろしくお願いします (。-∀-。)                     
Real_FTR / 17 /
Hello im from indonesia
Seika / 22 /
Hi!I am japanese.I want to study English for oversea trip :)Please teach me English.Thank you :)
maaaaasamix / 34 /
Hi. I'm Masami. I want to make friend :D
Ashe / 23 /
hi nice to meet you everyone i m Ashe I m 23 I m Korean i want to make friend because my dream is world trip do you want to learn Korean i will teach that i have kakao ,facebook,instargram free message to me thank
astianala / 18 /
Hello! I am Asti. I am 18 years old now, but will get my 19 soon. I will be a college student soon. I am Muslim. I like kpop and korean drama. I am interesting to learn korean too. I hope I can find Korean friends here.
Sao / 27 /
Hello!I can not speak at all except Japanese, but I want to study English seriously!I am interested in overseas, I want to learn from the beginning and touch various cultures!Feel free to get along!Thank you ('∇ `)こんにちは!
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