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Varian / 14 /
Hello, My name is Varian but most call me Rian. I aspire to become a music producer in the future. Ifyou’re interested in music or art then I’m sure we can be friends. I have Instagram and KakaoTalk.
Misaki / 25 /
ムーミン大好きな日本在住の25歳 海外の方と文通したいです
manami / 24 /
my name is manami.I want to make friends with talking in English. I also want to speak spanish if I have a chance. I love to movie, nature and comic.I'm not active person. I can teach japanese if you are interested in ja
jun ichi gonda / 68 /
I am a Japanese born in Japan I am interested in foreign cultures and languages If you are interested in Japan or Japanese I can help you speak Japanese to read and write.
Han Wen / 17 /
Hello, I really want to make friends all over the world. No matter where you from I'll always be very happy to contact with you. I am always intersting many different kinds of culture, and also really like to share
Fareed (red) / 27 /
Hi, im red. I want to be everybody friends. So please send me emails. Im funny and cute. I want to improve my english and i prefer voice call as i wantto speak fluently. We can share anything. Im open minded person, i ca
Airi / 17 /
HELLO! My name is AIRI. I live in Japan. I like draw a picture,sing a song and performance. It does not speak English but I want to make a lot of foreign friends. Future want to get a job of KIMONO relationship. Pl
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