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BennyMug / 25 /
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Eimmy / 30 /
Tomoko / 48 /
Hello.My name is Tomoko and I'm 48years old. I'm instered foreign culuture,cooking,,movies. I study English. I am really bad at English, but if that's okay please be my friend. Thank you.
Ayame / 22 /
Hi! My name is Ayame.I am 22 years old and Japanese. My hobbies are listening to music, cooking watching movie and shopping.I've been to Australia twice. I like overseas!I have LINE.Nice to meet you:D
Shiyo / 17 /
はじめまして。 日本に住む高校生です。 英語をもっと上手くなりたいのではじめました! マンガや絵を描くことが好きです( ´∀` )b マンガやアニメが好きな方や絵を描くことが趣味の方、英語でお話しませんか? Hello. I'm a high school student in Japan. I want to study English more. I like reading comi
Lily / 18 /
Hello! My name is Lily and I'm 18 years old. Im going to be a freshman in college after this summer. Im looking for people to talk to and connect on a personal level. I don't really mind age or gender! Hope to hear from
Williambuh / 27 /
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