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Ku / 25 / Mężczyzna
こんにちは 新しく友達がほしくて募集します 国籍は特に気にしてません Hello I'm looking for new friends Please drop me a message
山口稜樹 / 15 / Mężczyzna
moe / 15 / Kobieta
高校1年です(*^^*) 韓国が好きです! 仲良くなれる人が出来たら嬉しいです!!
July / 17 / Kobieta
Hello I would like to know about other countries and learn more about their culture And also learn new languages ​​so far I only know Spanish and a little bit of English but I want to learn Korean If someone likes to
Kahori / 19 / Kobieta
Hi; )I am Kahori from Japan! My nickname is Riya.So if you be a friend with me please call me Riya! I'm looking for penpal friends! I am university student and my major is international education and Japanese language ed
KenichiASU / 47 / Mężczyzna
Stany Zjednoczone
よかったらメッセージ交換しませんか?返信は英語でも日本語でもどちらでもいいですよ。My name is Kenichi. I am looking for penpals who can write me in English and/or Japanese. Would you like to exchange a message with me? It will be fun! I was born and raised in
okky / 30 / Mężczyzna
I want a friend who I can talk to in my spare time. This sentence is also a machine translation, so I'm not sure if it fits. Language doesn't matter. I'd love to hear anything about everyday life in a different
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