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Nanami / 25 / Kobieta
Hello everyone :) My name is Nanami from Japan. I wanna make friends from all over the world, I wanna learn foreign culture, history and language. I like traveling, cooking, watching movies, and scuba diving. Let
MAMI / 27 / Kobieta
Japonia name is mami. 27歳です。韓国語と英語を勉強しています。 どちらも初級程度ですが、コロナでひまができたので改めて勉強を頑張りたいと思っています。 そんなこんなで海外の友達が欲しいと思いました。 どんな国の人でも日本語ができる方なら仲良くなりたいです。 日本語を教えることも可能です。 電話をして仲良くなっていけたら嬉しいです。 性格はとてもおとなしく、会話が下手です。 それでも自分なりに一生懸
Shun / 42 / Mężczyzna
Hi, I am 42 years old Japanese. I am working as a pharmacist. I want to have friends all over the world. SO feel free to send me message.
Kaho / 26 / Kobieta
I’m Japanese who likes to travel. I like Spain the most. I want to study Spanish but I’m interested in other languages so please be friend! I have been to: Spain,Portugal,Italy,France,Germany,Switzerland,Greek,Hungary
Mary Jaires / 12 / Kobieta
I want any female English speaker
tamys / 43 / Kobieta
Stany Zjednoczone
my name is TAMMY please write through my private email [ ]i have something important to discuss with you through email,,,
NaKa / 36 / Kobieta
Hello.I am married woman who live in Japan.I want to improve my English since I still can't watch movies in English without subtitle. I want language exchange by email,chat.And if it's possible,maybe meeting up sometime
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