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Steven Lim Lh / 52 / Férfi
Hellooo, English lecturer finding female + male friends ... expatriate or local :) If u need help with your English, let me know too...
lastiva / 31 /
am looking for love am very good to stay in a place
Dshulman / 58 / Férfi
Egyesült Államok
I am David Shulman. I am an Ashkenazi. A German of Jewish descent. I am an easy going person, an avid reader as well as a gym enthusiast. I love to travel, exchange languages and know more about people and their cultures
Jasper / 39 / Férfi
I am an honest man
チキン / 18 / Férfi
Greeting from Japan I'm here to practice language I speak Japanese and English Currently I started to learn Russian
sa / 49 /
hello ,i am looking snailmail pals from Korea.i like cooking,baking sewing craft,cute stationary,movies.i also interesting Vietnam,friench Polynesia, looking the penpal long time.
Chris / 39 / Férfi
Egyesült Királyság
I'm Chris, from UK. I like art, games, internet, tv, music etc. And cute things. I like to draw and paint. Looking for a friend with similar interests. But I don't really care about age, gender, hobbies etc. I have socia
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