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和歌ちゃん / 16 / Erkek
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初めまして、よろしくお願いします! 十六歳の米国からの男の子で日本語を三年間勉強して独学しています!しかし、私の日本語が本当に下手です、すみません。この夏、ホストファミリーと一緒に日本の横浜市に一ヶ月間住んでいました。ホストファミリーは私を和歌ちゃんと呼びました。簡単ですので、和歌ちゃんと呼んで下さい。 多分、助けられますか?米国の英語を勉強しているなら、助けられます!いいなら喜んで受け助けますよ。 貴方の興味は何ですか?私、任天
Risa Y / 29 / Kadın
Hello! My name is Risa and I’m from Japan. I’d like to exchange emails with English speakers. I’m a very open minded, relaxed and passionate person. I like reading books and learning foreign languages. 
Nona Bernard / 37 / Kadın
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I'm a very loving person, caring, affectionate, calm & easy going. I like listening to music, dancing, anything strolling around outdoors. I love cooking & Communication. Email me at ( )
손진갑 / 55 / Erkek
Mark Anthony / 60 / Erkek
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My name is Mark, from USA. I'm English Lawyer, trying to learn other languages by making friends all around the world. Also I would like to meet a male or female who can devote time and be trusted to work with charity fu
Nicole Malachowskii / 46 / Kadın
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I am a true explorer, seeking not only truth, but also better ways to do things and ways to make a difference in the world and in the lives of people near me. Things I find pleasant are movement and activity, beautiful m
なの / 20 / Kadın
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